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Recovery is often overlooked by both young and mature athletes alike.  In order to maximize training, reduce injury, and reach your full potential, recovery needs to be a part of YOUR routine. GTX Sports Recovery provides modern, proven, state-of-the-art recovery modalities to help you get back into the game faster no matter what your sport.  Whether you are wanting to feel better before you go play 18 holes of golf, recover from your game under the Friday Night Lights, get back onto the pickleball court, CRUSH that next WOD, get your legs feeling refreshed before that next time out on the bike, or simply alleviate pain to be able to play with your grandchildren, we can help you feel better faster.  We want you to fall in love with taking care of your body.

Fall in Love with Taking Care of Your Body

GTX Sports Recovery saw a need in the Georgetown and greater Austin Metro area for athletes of all ages to have access to the most modern sports recovery methods in the industry.  Our founders are both former collegiate athletes and are extremely passionate about every athlete regardless of sport to have the ability to feel better faster. We wished these modalities were available to us as we played youth and collegiate sports and are excited to share our knowledge of the importance of recovery with all of our members.

Build Recovery into your Daily Routine

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Sarah Gates
Sarah GatesOwner

Sarah is a former First Team All-American collegiate softball player, high-performing CrossFit athlete, avid paddleboarder, and full-time mom. While playing adult sports on a competitive women’s volleyball team, Sarah went up to block a shot and came down with full force landing right on the foot of the opposing player who had slid under the net which lead to a broken ankle.  Needless to say, the road to recovery was going to be a long one. This being the first bone she had ever broken in her body, she did not know what to expect in terms of physical therapy, recovery methods, duration of being no activity, etc… This is extremely difficult for someone as competitive and active as Sarah so there were a lot of varying emotions going through her mind.

After the doctor had informed her that thankfully no surgery was necessary and the bone would heal in a walking boot, she immediately wanted to get back in the gym air squatting, doing pushups, anything and everything that involved not jumping off of her foot, but quickly realized she would need more than just the walking boot to make that a reality. Sarah decided to give Rx Sports Recovery (rxsportsrecovery.com) a try as some of her friends from the CrossFit gym she attended in Colorado had recently opened this company.  On the first day at Rx, Sarah was hooked up to the Compex and the NormaTec Pulse System for about 2 hours. When she was finished that first day she felt better and made the decision to go back every day that her schedule would allow for a month. After that first month was over, her doctor could not believe how far the healing of the bone had come and how much her range of motion had improved in such a short amount of time. From that day forward she recommended Rx to everyone who was trying to recover not just from a broken bone, but from soreness, muscle fatigue, preventative maintenance to avoid injury, really anyone looking to take better care of their body. Sarah is very excited about bringing her passion for helping people recover properly that was instilled in her in Colorado here to Georgetown.
Brandon Gates
Brandon GatesOwner

Brandon is a former collegiate baseball player, three-sport high school athlete, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, avid paddleboarder, and fierce advocate for simply staying active. While playing high school football, Brandon suffered many injuries, muscle tweaks, extreme stiffness/soreness throughout his entire body. The only remedy (like many of you who are reading this can likely relate) was to go to the small athletic trainer’s office and sit in a tub of ice… Brandon had always thought in the back of his mind “there must be a better way to recover from my game on Friday night than to sit in an ice bath and lift weights at a moderate pace to rid my body of lactic acid.”

When Brandon’s wife Sarah broke her ankle as an adult athlete he got to witness firsthand what the power of what modern recovery modalities, that are being used by professional and top division 1 athletic programs alike, can do to reduce the amount of time it takes to get back into the game.  Coming to realize that the majority of the people who visited the recovery room where Sarah quickly healed weren’t people recovering from broken bones, rather they were athletes young and mature coming in to help prevent being sore, getting hurt, experience extreme muscle fatigue, and just allow their body to feel better, he instantly became passionate about figuring out a way to share this methodology with anyone who would listen.  When Brandon moved to Georgetown he saw a vibrant community chalked full of athletes of every age in a wide variety of sports playing at a level higher than anything he had seen growing up in Colorado. With so many elite athletes in a relatively tight-knit community, there must be a place for them to RECOVER right? Brandon and his wife Sarah believe that the necessary toolset to get from good to great is all in how you recover and are thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to share that vision with the community. Brandon wants you to fall in love with taking care of your body so you can get back into the game faster no matter what your sport.
Alex Medrano
Alex Medrano Recovery Specialist

Alex is a Licensed Athletic Trainer(LAT) in the state of Texas. He earned his bachelors degree from Tarleton State University in 2014. Alex has worked as an athletic trainer at high school and collegiate settings. He chose to enter this career field for his love of sports and athletics. Alex was a 4 sport athlete in high school and has worked through soreness and numerous injuries such as strained hamstrings, strained Achilles, and sprained ankles. As a result of this he values the importance of recovery methods in order to aid anybody in their athletic endeavors. Being involved in his own athletic pursuits and currently training in hopes of joining the Air Force has helped Alex stay on top of his recovery methods.

Jamie Hennessey
Jamie Hennessey

Jamie Hennessey is an athletic trainer with over 20 years of experience. She served as a Student Athletic Trainer at Grapevine High School (’95) working with volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, track, and baseball. She attended Abilene Christian University (’99) and worked as a Student Athletic Trainer with the football, women’s basketball, and women’s softball teams. While there, she received her BS in Exercise and Sport Science. She attended Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (’02) and received her MPT in Physical Therapy. She has been working as a Physical Therapist and contract Athletic Trainer specializing in orthopedic injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation since then. She also specializes in manual therapy and added Integrative Dry Needling to her treatment approach 4 years ago.


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