“As someone who has never trained to be an athlete, or performed crossfit before last year, I had no absolutely no experience or understanding of a recovery program.

Brandon and Sarah have patiently introduced me to this idea and listened to my goals. Then they centered recovery therapy on those goals. The most dramatic response I have had so far is the use of Compex on my scapula and shoulders for endurance and recovery. Within 2 sessions, my knotted, stiff neck was loose and mobile. I have also noticed a distinct lack of soreness on the day following a tough workout when I use Normatec therapy.

I’m a believer. The room is comfortable (I sometimes nap), the therapy is specific to my needs and feels great. Brandon & Sarah are awesome with recommendations for improving performance while supporting recovery from tough workouts and very flexible with scheduling.” ~Dona

“I found a community and a love for Crossfit, so when I injured myself and found out that I tore my meniscus in my right knee, I was devastated. I thought I could no longer perform the workouts to my fullest ability, it hurt when I squatted, ran, jumped rope, performed box jumps; almost every movement requires strong legs and knees. I started recovery therapy twice a week at GTX Recovery using a regime of the Compex to strengthen the muscles around my knee and the Normatec for compression therapy. After 3 weeks, the results have been astounding, almost like a miracle. I can squat with max weight again, without pain, and I am starting to run and jump rope again without stopping.
I am confidant that without this therapy I would still be holding back or pushing through the pain, and convinced that after a few more weeks that I would have found a recovery routine that will get me back to my performance level before I tore my meniscus.” ~Jen

“Sarah at GTX Sports Recovery is the BEST! I’ve had this nagging calf pain for the past two weeks. It bothered me the most when driving but was seemingly getting worse. Even walking was starting to get painful! I’ve tried stretching, massaging, foam rolling, going at it with a lacrosse ball, and even taping it. Sarah did a thorough assessment, palpating above, below, and around the pain site to narrow down the source. She was able to pinpoint the exact spot of pain. Then, she did some cupping and TENS. To finish it off, I spent some time in the Normatec boots for compression therapy on both of my legs. Today, I am pain free! I was even able to go running this morning! Thanks GTX! I’ll be back!!!” ~Alana

Rise. Grind. Recover. Repeat

“Take Care of Your Body, It is The Only Place You Have to Live” – Jim Rohn